The ‘Morte per Gentilezza’ edition

The rough translation of this is…..

‘Death through Kindness’

The Italians have big hearts: Simple fact of life !

This tradition goes back centuries and its most

interesting manifestation was in the ‘scuole’ of the

Renaissance period

In essence, they provided a wide variety of services

based loosely on the premise that good deeds in this

life might fast track the deceased to a heavenly


Examples of this are such as:

Food for the poor

Funerals for those without means for a good send-off

Management of hospitals for the poor poorly !


Basically, what the State provides today in first world


Fast forward to today and the 21st century ‘Dolce Vita’

The Italians have 7600 kilometres of coastline ! ! !

With that much sea frontage the Italians have proved to

be master fishermen

Though nowadays they are as likely to be pulling an economic

migrant / refugee out of the water as a tuna !

These desperate folk have usually paid a king’s ransom for

a one-way ticket to a people trafficker

Simply translated this is the old ‘shit or bust’ philosophy

There are no return tickets available for sale !

So having pitched up in the land of milk and honeys (Sophia

Loren et al) the usual form is to apply for the right to stay



Applicants are informed by post that their application has been


…..or not !

Those unsuccessful for reasons unearthed during the discovery

process like say…..

…..murder convictions in the country of origin

…..sexual crimes

…..criminal activity

…..etc etc etc

…..are simply asked to leave the country and (presumably)

return from whence they came



…..they have no money !

…..there are no ‘reverse people-traffikers’

…..they are probably ‘wanted’ back home

So they just stay…..

…..there are no deportation procedures here ! ! ! ! !

So with no papers, no right of abode and no legitimacy

… right to work (IF ANY WORK EXISTED !)

The path to criminality is fairly short

The women can easily resort to prostitution to make a


…..and where would the prostitutes be without a pimp

So quite by magic, the men find work !

To be fair to the Italians they try really hard to be

kind and to help these foreigners integrate…..

… cousins volunteer their time to teach them the


But the end result is cultural dilution rather than

cultural diversity

The Italians have a wonderful culture and a belief system

that is centred on the family, the church, food, wine,

football and sex

Long may it live but it is fast becoming a critically

endangered species ! ! !

The G-man


One thought on “The ‘Morte per Gentilezza’ edition

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    No jokes about the Acute – not yet anyway Wondering if your at your Herne Base Do you want to do lunch Paula does a mean Spaghetti putenesca And you can provide The Parmigiana . Usual no for SPF My mo no 07803109931

    Same Rm no 34 Best wishes Chaw Bello


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