The Italian Fast Food edition

groovers offside

Fast food is not something you readily associate with the Italians

Well, you would be wrong

The Italians do do fast food…..

…..they just do it differently

Their way: like driving, like loving, like practically everything

So let’s start with the obvious…..

La Pizzetta

Take a pizza, shrink it, serve it in a bakery and…..

Ecco !

Six inches (diameter) that will fit in your mouth in bite-sized


These are universally popular but especially with kids…..

…..who like to watch their mamas go potty as they dribble tomato

topping down their clothes

Bassangeles ? Check 1

Then there is…..

Il Panzerotto

This little cutie looks like an English Cornish pastie but it’s not

It’s deep fried and filled with the usual suspects:

Mozzarella, prosciutto, salami (normally spicy) etc

It comes from Puglia (south) and with a health warning…..

…..when they fish these little puppies out of the deep frier…

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