The Italian Fast Food edition

Fast food is not something you readily associate with the Italians

Well, you would be wrong

The Italians do do fast food…..

…..they just do it differently

Their way: like driving, like loving, like practically everything

So let’s start with the obvious…..

La Pizzetta

Take a pizza, shrink it, serve it in a bakery and…..

Ecco !

Six inches (diameter) that will fit in your mouth in bite-sized


These are universally popular but especially with kids…..

…..who like to watch their mamas go potty as they dribble tomato

topping down their clothes

Bassangeles ? Check 1

Then there is…..

Il Panzerotto

This little cutie looks like an English Cornish pastie but it’s not

It’s deep fried and filled with the usual suspects:

Mozzarella, prosciutto, salami (normally spicy) etc

It comes from Puglia (south) and with a health warning…..

…..when they fish these little puppies out of the deep frier you

are well-advised not to let them anywhere near the old chevy chase

until they have had a chance to cool down

Bassangeles ? Check 2

Next there is…..

La Piadina

This is essentially a pancake again filled with all the usual Italian

suspects plus a few green items (like rucola) if you are inclined

This comes from the Romagna part of Emilia-Romagna in the upper

half of the country

So in La Dolce Vita you will find establishments that serve ‘piadine’

that are either eaten in (usually standing) or eaten on the hoof

(again standing but with a forwards trajectory)

Ecco La Piadineria !

Bassangeles ? Check 3

Now we have the….. Pranzo di Lavoro

Or simply the ‘work lunch’

Some restaurants offer this and it comprises the following elements

Speed…..some Italians do work and some are even keen to get back

to it

Economical…’s a fixed price jobbie: one price, two courses plus

wine, water and coffee (usually)

There is a choice of first (pasta) and second (meat or fish) courses

but it’s not the full monty found on the normal ‘a la carte’

Nonetheless, these meals are incredibly popular especially with folk

whose jobs require something a little more energetic than pushing a

pen around and sighing

There is also that frisson of pleasure that everyone derives from

a proper noshing in a good restaurant whilst getting away with

paying the price of a single course only

Bassangeles ? Check 4

And one for the road…..

Ciccetti !

These are the small bites served in bars and cafes that are usually

eaten standing up (it aids digestion) while drinking

Some establishments set themselves up as purveyors of just these

small snacks…..

Hence La Chicchetteria

But many a regular bar could claim that same moniker

Bassangeles ? Check 5

So there you have it…..

Fast food ‘alla moda Italiana’


PS No health warnings required here, a piadina is not a kebab is not

a panzerotto is not a dodgy curry etc etc


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