The Margate-sur-Mer edition

‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’, Mark Sheridan, 1909

If you can’t whistle along to this tune you probably weren’t

born in Blighty…..

… 11.4932% of the population of Margate

The G-ster was out and about and getting on down in said spot

at the weekend


Time for a little history lesson !

Margate’s recent past has been a bit of a roller coaster…..

It all began when a Russian immigrant called Vladimir Raitz

invented the ‘package holiday’ in the 1950s…..

Suddenly the bustling charms of English seaside towns began

to pale when compared to the possibilities of the…..

The Spanish Costas (and certain sunshine)

The French Riviera (and guaranteed topless babes)

The Greek Islands (never ending sun, sea, sex and well, that

was enough !)

Throw in a Full English Breakfast (a ‘flingo’) or two and the

Brits were never going back to their own version of a resort

As a result Margate was abandoned ! ! ! ! !

It would appear that the allure of a donkey ride just wouldn’t

swing it for the modern British holidaymaker

Guest houses with sea views stood empty, the B&B business

went into a death dive


Then there was a lightbulb moment somewhere


Some genius decided that the empty rooms could be used to

house the following groups:


Asylum seekers

Vulnerable adults

Social welfare claimants


So Margate was deliberately turned into a human dustbin

There were some seriously stupid people running Margate

You don’t believe me ? ? ?

Then why would you twin Margate with…..

…..and I am not making this up…..

Astana in Kazakhstan

Yalta in Crimea

Kosovo (actually a whole country that nobody in their

right minds would want to go to)

Now fast forward to today !

Margate has just been voted ‘Britain’s Best Seaside Town’



It is now…..


Well, it certainly has a classy, sparkly art gallery…..

The Turner Contemporary

It has a gem of an Art Deco railway station designed in 1926

by Edwin Maxwell Fry (and now deservedly Grade 2 listed)

It has the smallest pub in the country, The Little Prince,

that has a maximum capacity of six (not counting the barkeep)

It has Dreamland (miles and miles of smiles), a pleasure park

based on early twentieth century parks in Coney Island, New York

‘And The Beat Goes On’, The Whispers, 1979

However, for those with a nostalgic turn of mind you will still

be able to enjoy…..

…..rolling acres of pink, corpulent, tattooed flesh




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