The No Means Not Now edition

groovers offside

There is a disease associated with having had an empire

The French have it

The Americans have it because their empire never

actually materialised and they are pissed-off about it

Interestingly, the British Empire which was largely built

on commerce seems to have left the Brits nearly immune to

said disease

However, the Italians are the best examples on planet Earth

Well, the Roman Empire was one hell of a doozy ! ! ! (with

gratitude to The Fonz, Happy Days, 1974-1984)

If you have a spare month with nothing to do you can try

reading Edward Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’,

published around 1776…..

… will tell where it all went wrong in six volumes


Let’s face it, the Romans conquered trigonometry and worked

out that the shortest distance between two points is a

straight line

KAPOW ! ! ! ! !

They worked…

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