The Bad Loser edition

There are two types of losers…..

…..good ones and bad ones

Why ? ? ?

Well probably because there are some people who

coin phrases like…..

‘Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing’

Thank you, Henry Russell Sanders, who was a US college

football coach…..(UCLA Bruins)

…..or perhaps it was another famous football coach,

Vince Lombardi (Green Bay Packers)

Frankly, I don’t give a damn…..

Thank you, Rhett Butler, 1939, ‘Gone With The Wind’

In a two horse race, one will come home first and one second

Pretty self evident

The horse that came home second is not a loser

Ask the Icelandic football team if they are winners or losers

Ask the Icelandic people whether their football team are

heroes or villains

It is actually about taking part and discharging your role

with dignity whether or not you cross the line first

OK, that’s enough seriousness for one post…..

The day after the EU referendum the G-man wandered into the

The Bake & Alehouse in Westgate-on-Sea…..

… of (Great) Britain’s micropub revolution……

Feeling flushed, warm and fuzzy with the surprise result he

ordered a pint of ‘Independence Ale’…..

… be met with a blank look

‘Err, a pint of Independence Ale’, he volunteered for a second


‘What are you on about ?’ the landlord replied

‘It’s a reference to the referendum’ I offered

‘We voted ‘Remain’ in this pub, what do you want to drink ?’


Or let’s consider the Chancellor of the Exchequer, ‘Stupid’

George Osborne…..

Within a week a being on the wrong side of the EU debate he

abandons his 2020 fiscal targets which injects uncertainty into

already fragile financial markets


Worse yet, consider the EU technocrats who found themselves and

their pet project rejected by the (Great) British electorate…..

…..’It was a crap marriage so it will be a messy divorce’ said



Now if you take the (Great) Italian lover there is no such thing

as rejection…..

… question of not being successful

… hint of self-doubt

He knows that she doesn’t know that he is a god…..

…..Well, sort of



ps The good news is we are getting our country back but is there

any chance that when it arrives it comes with a summer next time ? ! ? !


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