The Leaving Home edition

Groups have been singing about leaving home since

since groups have been singing…..

In the 50s the Chantels had a hit with…..

‘He’s Gone’, 1957

In the 60s the Beatles had a hit with…..

‘She’s Leaving Home’, 1967

In the 70s everybody was at it…..

Hall and Oates had a hit with…..

‘She’s Gone’, 1973

and The Grateful Dead had a hit with…..

‘He’s Gone’, 1972

Etc etc etc

But whilst everyone is singing about it and indeed, even

writing books and making films about it…..

‘Gone Girl’, novel in 2012 and then a film in 2014

Italian young adults just are not doing it…..


Italian adults are not doing it

Fact: The average Italian male leaves home at 38 !

Fact: The average Italian female leaves home at 29 ! !

This is a cultural oddity…..

… idiosyncratic absurdity…..

…..or maybe NOT ! ! !

To the male of the species it is a simple expediency

Mama cooks (better than anyone else on the planet)

Mama takes care of the laundry and the ironing

Mama makes the beds and keeps the house clean

Papa pays all the bills

What’s to think about ? ? ?

To a non-Italian this all looks a little morally suspect

But if you are Italian this is the paradigm


Lie back and enjoy it…..

…..because your kids are going to expect it from you !

If, on your other hand, Guido decides to make an early dash

from the bosom of the family…..

…..then help is at hand assuming he moves close to home


(recent research has shown that the average Italian moves no

more than 3.8 kilometres from the parental home)

…..Mama will straddle the old bicicletta and zip round to

take care of the dusting, sweeping, washing etc…..

…..Well, until Guido gets married and then the wife will take

over !

In the meantime, Guido will normally go home to Mama for

lunch and dinner

So Guido has boldly gone where few have dared to go before

him without a wife to look after him…..

…..and meanwhile, Guido has a more comfortable alternative

to his car for his romantic assignations ! ! ! ! !

For the female of the species it is a little trickier…..

…… if a woman were to leave home to rent / flat share / house

share etc this would represent a serious breach of moral


Women are meant to transition from the parental home to the

home of the man she marries…..

…..there is no legitimate in between

In the rest of the world, university is used as a stepping stone

to independent life

Not in La Dolce Vita…..!

Males and females typically go to universities that are commutable

from home !

So there you have it

Strange but true

And now you know why Italian men always want to see how far the

seats go back before they agree to buy a car







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