The Bacchus edition

When the G-ster comes back in the next life…..

…..assuming there is a next life…..

…..and assuming he makes the cut !

BACK ! ! ! ! !    You DEVIL  ! ! ! ! !

I’m booking my return as Bacchus

WHY ?  ?  ?

Well let me explain…..

Time for a little history lesson

Bacchus (or Dionysus if you are Greek) was

quite simply the luckiest devil of all the gods

You see he was the god of…..


Ritual madness…..check



Accompanied by a posse of wild women (known as


Accompanied by a troop of bearded Satyrs (with

enormous erect penises)…..check

A quick explanation is called for here

The Satyrs were his guards…..

… messed with Bacchus or his Mainades and you

risked being clubbed to death by a giant penis ! ! ! ! !

Not a good exit !

Anyway, the big B was basically the god of good times




So after a week’s worth of learning the wine making

tradition in Tuscany it’s nearly time for the G-man to

head north to Bassangeles complete with wine-swag

Viticulture Rules…..

… long as Bacchus has got your back

Last night was a little hairy…..

…..One can but hope

…..Dinner was in a little hilltop restaurant called…..

…..Le Merlaie (di Sandro e Tatiana) and situated

just outside Civitella Marittima

I plumped for the risotto agrumi

This is risotto flavoured with oranges and lemons and

served with scampi and prawns

Sounds odd, I know

Tastes delicious, rest assured

The hairy bit followed…..

The G-man went for the Crema Catalana

A little later Tatiana scooted over with a dish that was


Sensibly, I leaned back in my chair

The blaze roared on

Then I thought I would warm my hands a little

Still the blaze blazed on

About a minute ticked by and finally I thought

Maybe, just maybe…..

…..I’m meant to blow the thing out !

I gave the tabletop inferno a little blow

It simply made the flames leap higher

By now other diners were watching the helpless


Quietly amused

So feeling properly foolish I took a mighty big

puff and blew the thing out


Not even a round of applause

I think the brandy is meant to brown the top of the

Crema Catalana

Mine was still sitting under a few millimetres of brandy

Reckon old Tatiana’s hand must have slipped when she

was pouring on the liquor

Bless her

She might have given me a blow to help put

the thing out  ! ! ! ! !

Bacchus Reborn !

G (I mean)


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