The Hot Date With Florence edition

Sunday rolled round and suddenly it was time to down

tools and take the autostrada north…..

…..Because the good Lord said so…..

…..Well, the bit about downing tools, at least

Cresting the hill, Firenze hove into sight

It is not hard to see why so many, for so many years

have wanted to possess her

First stop after a long drive was a pit stop at Procacci

This extraordinary spot (sosta) specialises in little

black truffle rolls (panini tartufati) and fine wines

And it should know what it’s doing since it’s been at it

since 1885 ! ! ! ! !

Check it out…..

Oh, and Procacci is owned by one of Italy’s greatest wine


The wine actually was all that !

So with G-man suitably refreshed it was off for a little culture

He walked round the corner and strode into…..

…..Chiesa di Orsanmichele…..

…..and his jaw dropped open !

…..his heart skipped a beat !

This Gothic Italian masterpiece can’t be described…..

…..or appreciated in a photograph…..

Break open the piggy bank !

Rob your granny !

Max out the credit card !

Just get there and marvel

It is a hit parade of the great Renaissance sculptors

and painters

You will also have the pleasure of witnessing how some

lucky Italians make their (well-pensioned) livings…..

…..because lurking in the pews is…..

…..GINO ! ! ! ! !

Gino speaks very good Italian (unsurprisingly)

…..and TWO OTHER words in all the other languages in

the world

…..Which is uses in a deafening (and heavily accented)

and thunderous bellow every couples of minutes

…..NO FLASH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This munchkin gets £27000 a year to say

…..NO FLASH…..

…..200 times a day

…..And he doesn’t even bother to get out of the pew

Some of us had to work for a living !

…..Present company excluded ! ! ! ! !

…..The G-man was a professional thief in his former life !

Then to Il Duomo…..the cathedral

It is crowned by what is still the largest stone and brick

built dome in the history of the world


…..It was constructed 600 years ago

…..And nobody can work out all the details of how Pippo

Brunelleschi dunnit   ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Finally, when all the foreplay has run its course…..

…..Drive up to Piazzale Michelangelo where you can look

out over Florence from a hilltop (Florence is in a bowl

surrounded by the Tuscan hills)

There you will see one of mankinds greatest manmade vistas

NO…..not the Manhattan skyline

NO…..not Paris seen from Montmartre

Florence…..flooded by the evening light looking as though

heaven has an anteroom on earth

How was that for a hot date ? ? ? ? ?



4 thoughts on “The Hot Date With Florence edition

  1. Nigel Rathbone says:

    How gratifying to hear you admitting to the world your wrongdoings from your previous life. It almost makes life worth living. Oh that your peers could show similar contrition.

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