The Wipptalerhof edition

groovers offside

If this intriguing title didn’t grab your attention

…..then not much will

The G-man and the G-mobile cruised down to Italy today

England, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and finally

La Dolce Vita

Not bad for a days work…..

…..1000 tidy miles

Anyway, weary and hungry and in need of a break the G-ster

was assailed by an enormous sign in Austria


Followed by more signs every two or three hundred metres

with variations on the same theme and gradually diminishing in


They were keen to get my business, and just about everybody


I fell for it and hove over

Check it out…..

Cool, n’est pas ?

So with 800 miles under my belt and a very empty

stomach the G-man ordered two main courses and a pint

of frothing German brau

The ageing waitress, fully attired in traditional costume,

looked at me with very…

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