The Molten Italian edition

groovers offside

A quick science lesson first…..

The higher the humidity the hotter you feel

The reason being that the human body regulates its temperature

by evaporative cooling…..

… when it’s humid human beings feel hotter than when it’s

not because the rate at which perspiration evaporates from the

skin is lower when it’s humid (this being the method of cooling

the body)

Trust me on this…..

…..if you lie by a pool in LA you don’t get as hot as when you

lie by a pool in Italy where it’s humid despite the fact that the

absolute temperature is higher in LA

So herewith lies the G-man’s present predicament…..

He’s lounging around in La Dolce Vita and it’s f-ing hot

…..and he’s trying to keep cool and

…..despite his best endeavours and (almost) unlimited

quantities of Italian beer (Forst, if possible)

…..he’s still hot

…..the wrong kind ! ! ! !…

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