The Germans Win edition

groovers offside

Intrigued by the title ?

Well, you should be

It is nearly half a century since the English snaffled the

World Cup from the Germans

Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, 1966

Largely courtesy of Sir Geoff

Of course, it’s a team game and everybody played their part

but nobody has ever equaled Sir Geoff’s feat of a world cup

final hat trick

Go Geoff ! ! !

Fortunately, the G-man was alive to see the game live on TV

… glorious black and white

Go Geoff ! ! !

The English have been dining out on that result for fifty

wonderful years

Go Geoff ! ! !

To borrow (rather liberally) from the (ex) Greek finance

minister’s resignation statement from this morning

‘We wear the German’s loathing with pride’

Well, why not…..?


One goal was probably not a goal…..

…..did the ball cross the line ? ? ?

…..and the last…

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