The Germans Win edition

Intrigued by the title ?

Well, you should be

It is nearly half a century since the English snaffled the

World Cup from the Germans

Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, 1966

Largely courtesy of Sir Geoff

Of course, it’s a team game and everybody played their part

but nobody has ever equaled Sir Geoff’s feat of a world cup

final hat trick

Go Geoff ! ! !

Fortunately, the G-man was alive to see the game live on TV

… glorious black and white

Go Geoff ! ! !

The English have been dining out on that result for fifty

wonderful years

Go Geoff ! ! !

To borrow (rather liberally) from the (ex) Greek finance

minister’s resignation statement from this morning

‘We wear the German’s loathing with pride’

Well, why not…..?


One goal was probably not a goal…..

…..did the ball cross the line ? ? ?

…..and the last goal was scored after the final whistle

…..or was it ? ? ?

The crowd thought it was all over…..

…..and then it was ! ! ! ! !

Go Geoff ! ! !

Who cares how you win ?

As long as you win !

Especially when we haven’t come close for the past

nifty fifty years

If we were ever to repeat the trick you could always

celebrate in true blue English style…..

1. Go to a micropub and drink real ale with odd names

Per example: A pint of ‘Dead Good’ from Goody’s Ales in the

‘Hair of the Dog’ in Minster, Kent

2…..followed by a slap up meal of fish and chips in ‘Archies’

just across the road

You are permitted to take your precious golden nectar from

the micropub to this gold standard chippy…..

…..and to nip back for reloads ! ! ! ! !

Don’t be put off by the fact that Archie has long since gone…..

…..and Archies is now owned and run by a Russian called Sergei…..

…..Welcome to ‘New Britain’

Still, Sergei does it better than anyone I know

Go Sergei ! ! !

So back to the title of this post after a short sabbatical…..

The G-man is no longer a student…..

…..strictly speaking a ‘graduand’

The word exists, look it up

…..and it wasn’t a ‘Geoff’

…..but an ‘Attila’

So the Germans did win on this occasion…..

… much as he would have liked another English victory

Go Geoff ! ! !



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