The Sea of Penises edition

Alternate title: The Sea of Penii edition

The plural of said noun takes two equally usable forms

Anyway, I digress…..

As the saying goes…..

…..a funny thing happened on the way…..

… lunch in this instance

At ‘Al Pioppeto’ in Romano d’Ezzelino

This is actually a very good restaurant with a fine

reputation behind it…..

…..although in a curiously quirky twist, the owner

has refused to update the 70s interior decor…..

…..everything else has had a makeover

…..including the beautiful gardens (more on this in

a moment)

…..but his beloved 70s interior is inviolate

Too bad…..

…..because the 70s were no great period in design

history like the Belle Epoque in Paris around 1900

The food on the other hand is outstanding !

And that’s what keeps the punters rolling in !

It’s white asparagus season at the moment…..

…..that time of the year when the Bassanese go

weak at the knees at the sight of pointy objects

sprouting out of the ground

‘Risotto agli asparagi followed by uove Bismark’

… other words…..

Asparagus risotto and asparagus and fried eggs

Thank goodness that when everything else begins to

fail on one’s person…..

…..the eating gear is usually the last to go ! ! !

Now we can cut to the chase and reveal the story

behind the title of this post

As I ambled up the path from the car park to the

door of the restaurant with the No 3 G-ette I did

a double take

NO !

What the hell ? ! ?

It can’t be

Ahead of me were white penises !

HUGE ONES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Two to three feet high

Single ones !

Pairs of penises ! !

Clumps of penises ! ! ! ! !

My mind raced…..

The white vertical phalli were all over the pristine

green grass

Think fast, G-meister ! ! !

As I was about to cover the eyes of the tender G-ette

…..the truth dawned !

It was a sculpture park !

…..featuring the celebrated white asparagus

…..which to the untrained (and unwary) eye

…..look just like a penophiliac’s idea of heaven

Bless the Bassanese

You have to wonder how many titters they have caused

over the years


ps, There is no such thing as a penophiliac but ‘moisture

and heat seeking venomous throbbing python of love’ lover

seemed a bit long winded so I made it up !


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