The Cold edition

….Alternate title: The Blue edition…..

No !

This is not about XXX-rated movies…..

…..or less than enthusiastic playmates !

It’s because…..

…..that’s the colour the G-man turned this week !

Giulietta pulled into the G-drive late on Sunday night

after a 13 hour, 1000 mile glide from Bella Italia…..


She didn’t miss a beat

It was good to be home


Hold on !

Why was the temperature within the same as the temperature

without ? ? ? ? ?

Answer: No heating

Reason: No gas


Reason: upgrading the network


The Groover is not a bloody eskimo

He needs warmth…..

…..warm things…..

…..warm feelings…..




The long and short of it was that after…..

…..3 days

…..and 3 nights

He was reconnected

So let’s recap…..

That’s 3 nights shivering in bed

That’s 3 days shivering round the G-casa

That’s 3 nights he had to go to a restaurant to eat out

That’s 3 days he couldn’t go out (the gas operatives needed

access to the G-casa)

That’s 3 days of broken promises from the gas operatives

That’s a driveway that has been dug up everywhere in search

of gas pipes

So !

So believing that the principle of quid pro quo still might

mean something…..

The G-man called SGN (Southern Gas Networks)

…..and asked about compensation

Oh yes ! ! ! ! !      the operative exclaimed !

We do  !

JUSTICE    I thought


We (SGN) will pay £30 for every full day without gas…..

…..after the first day

So 3 days of misery equates to just 2 x £30 = £60


If I go overdrawn at the bank by £1 a computer generates

a letter to tell me…..

…..the cost is £40 for this invaluable information

You see the point ?

Worse still…..

…..I don’t get the £60 directly…..

…’s passed to my gas supplier (First Utility) as a credit

…..because they have been out of pocket because I have

not been able to buy gas from them for 3 days ! ! ! ! !


One business looking after another business….

….at the expense of the customer

If I wish to  talk to them there is a helpful 0845 number

to call…..

… they make money even when they f*ck up

Bring on the revolution

In the meantime…..

Go on youtube

…..and listen to Bobbie Smith and the Dream Girls

singing ‘Walk on into my heart’

Heaven on a slice of vinyl





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