The San Valentino Special edition

groovers offside

The cunning linguists amongst you will have realised

that St Valentine was actually an Italian…..

…..and that’s about all that’s known about him ! …..

…..The Roman Catholic Church has delisted him as

an official Saint…..

…..and the French have (mis) appropriated him in the

‘La Fete du Baiser’ (the festival of kissing) that is

celebrated on the first Saturday after the 14th

In the French version men and women dress up as

priests and nuns and go around kissing each other

as well as strangers…..

…..a case of theatre reflecting life ! ! ! ! !

The G-man is (self) indulging in full immersion therapy

in La Dolce Vita but can’t help noticing that the Italians

have gone Valentine-mad…..

…..every shop window is red with hearts

Now I can understand why this might work in an

underwear shop (Intimissimi)…..

…..or perhaps a sparkly shop (Swarovski)…..

…..but you won’t win many…

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