The Cocktail edition

groovers offside

Alternate title: The Lux edition

The G-man leapt to his feet at the end of his Gothic lecture

last night and then hot-tubed it to Bond Street for…..

Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art preview

The sale is today

Art collecting is the ultimate status symbol nowadays

Whereas anyone with £250,000 to spare can buy a Bentley

There will only be one lucky owner of Monet’s…………..

Le Grand Canal (English translation: The Grand Canal)…..

…..a view of a couple of gondolas bobbing around in Venice

That is……..

…..if you can outbid all the other hopefuls…..

…..Oh, and you have the little matter of £20,000,000 to

£30,000,000 (estimate) to pay for it

On top of which you have to tip Sotheby’s between £2,400,000

and £3,600,000 for the privilege of letting you buy it

Sotheby’s call this tip ‘the buyer’s premium’

No ?

Then what about a little bit of sapphic splendour ?

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