A Fine Day For A Fine edition

groovers offside

It was a bright blue winter’s day yesterday

The G-man purchased a ticket for the ‘iron horse’ to London

Safely aboard the Hernia Bay flyer he sped towards the ‘smoke’

So far, so good

It remained cold and crisp and blue outside

Inside the train the G-man folded himself up with a good book

He had an 11am appointment with the No 2 G-ette to see her

new home

So far, so very good

The plan was simple…..

…..Take the train to New Cross then…..

…..hop off

…..and walk the rest of the way or catch a bus if it

was raining

The skies remained clear and blue and a walk beckoned

So far, so very, very good

Then an announcement came over the intercom

‘This is the driver speaking’…..

…..’We will not be making any further stops because this

is a late running train’

He didn’t bother apologising…..

He didn’t…

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