The Anus Horribilis edition

I may as well come straight to the point….

…’s not a typo

…’s just the G-man having fun

However, for one reason or another this has been a bum year

Remember, ‘Bottom’ from 1991 ?

Well, RIP Rik Mayall

On a more mundane level I landed in La Dolce Vita yesterday

to be greeted by piles of gleaming white snow in Venice…..

Well, it is December I hear you think…..


Have you ever seen a gondolieri singing ‘O Sole Mio’…..

…..wearing a parka

NO !

Because this is bloody Venice !

As you can probably guess I am annoyed about something

…..and it’s not (my) horrible hole

No, at 9am this morning the G-man shimmied round to his

favourite watering hole for his constitutional cappuccino and


…..NO !

It can’t be…..

It’s not possible…..

But it was true

Golosita had closed down

This is like going back to your old school and finding out a

developer has turned it into flats

Now there are a lot of coffee shops in La Citta Groover but

this spot was the best

Unusually, it wasn’t the serving girls that made this place great

Although it did have it’s fair share of the young and nubile

waitresses and of the mature MILF-maids

No, the owner of this fine establishment was Italy’s champion

cake maker

This fellow baked the cake for the Miss Italia contest ! ! ! ! !

This man was literally ‘King Cake’

The shop is now locked and padlocked and a sign in the window



‘TO RENT’ in English

Now George Benson sang ‘Everything must change’ way back in

1977 but there are some things that would make the world a better

place if they persisted

GOLOSITA is one such shining example


The English translation of Golosita is something like ‘goodies’

Anyway, it’s gone…..

…..the Groover is in bits and the three new cafes

that have opened up across the square are scant consolation

Inconsolably yours



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