The Anus Horribilis edition

groovers offside

I may as well come straight to the point….

…’s not a typo

…’s just the G-man having fun

However, for one reason or another this has been a bum year

Remember, ‘Bottom’ from 1991 ?

Well, RIP Rik Mayall

On a more mundane level I landed in La Dolce Vita yesterday

to be greeted by piles of gleaming white snow in Venice…..

Well, it is December I hear you think…..


Have you ever seen a gondolieri singing ‘O Sole Mio’…..

…..wearing a parka

NO !

Because this is bloody Venice !

As you can probably guess I am annoyed about something

…..and it’s not (my) horrible hole

No, at 9am this morning the G-man shimmied round to his

favourite watering hole for his constitutional cappuccino and


…..NO !

It can’t be…..

It’s not possible…..

But it was…

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