The Windy edition

groovers offside

A contender for the un-coolest pop group in the history

of the world would have to be…..

…..The Asscociation…..

You don’t believe me ?

Then ‘youtube’ them singing…..

…..’Windy’ from 1967

I know the 60s are referred to as the ‘swinging 60s’ but

these cats didn’t have swing or much else for that matter !

Back to the plot…..

Why ?

WHY ? ? ?

When the G-man hits the roads for his daily pant does

the wind blow directly into his face…..

BOTH ways

I’m not kidding !

It’s like some kooky Newton’s fourth law of motion

It’s like being trailed by a gale

Except it comes at you rather than follows you

During freshers week at uni the G-man met an

Indian boy (we were teenagers) who announced he

went by the name of…..

Jazzwinder !

Well, that’s what it sounded like !

Actually, it turned out to be…..

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