The Windy edition

A contender for the un-coolest pop group in the history

of the world would have to be…..

…..The Asscociation…..

You don’t believe me ?

Then ‘youtube’ them singing…..

…..’Windy’ from 1967

I know the 60s are referred to as the ‘swinging 60s’ but

these cats didn’t have swing or much else for that matter !

Back to the plot…..

Why ?

WHY ? ? ?

When the G-man hits the roads for his daily pant does

the wind blow directly into his face…..

BOTH ways

I’m not kidding !

It’s like some kooky Newton’s fourth law of motion

It’s like being trailed by a gale

Except it comes at you rather than follows you

During freshers week at uni the G-man met an

Indian boy (we were teenagers) who announced he

went by the name of…..

Jazzwinder !

Well, that’s what it sounded like !

Actually, it turned out to be…..


Mistake No 1    ! ! ! !

It seemed like a bit of a mouthful so I suggested

shortening it a bit…..

Ah, he replied

‘I don’t mind you calling me ‘Jazz’ but I would object

to being called’…..

‘Windy’ !

Mistake No 2   ! ! ! !

Precious is as precious does

The Groover christened him ‘Windy’ on the spot !

Not surprisingly our embryonic friendship didn’t

make it past freshers week

But that is what that first week is all about…..

…..weeding out the dopes from the real deals

For my own part I joined quite a few clubs…..

Athletics Club

Photography Club

CAMRA (beer club)

Squash Club

Chemistry Club

An eclectic mix I sense you thinking ? ? ?

‘Not really’, I can answer unhesitatingly

Let me explain…..

Athletics Club = fit birds in tight shorts and tops

Photography Club = fit birds without tight shorts

and tops in ‘life’ photo sessions

CAMRA (beer club) = A relationship that still burns

brightly after all these years

Squash Club = a boo-boo on the G-man’s part

Chemistry Club = The legendary Christmas party that

never runs out of beer and was free

So there you have it…..

…..A clubber before the expression was even invented

Anyway, you can’t get away from the fact that beer

provides the imbiber with in-built jet propulsion…..

…..and that would have been useful today to counter

the prevailing headwinds…..

There you have it…..

…..a bone-fide reason for being a card-carrying CAMRA


…..and if you like to cook…..

… will come complete with your own Dutch oven

Not much of a CV booster…..

…..but you never know…..

…..your new squeeze could be Australian !

(apparently they like that kind of thing)



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