The Rings of Fire edition

Let’s start this edition where the trouble began

Chilli Cool

The G-man spied a large-ish group of orientals standing

outside a restaurant in Bloomsbury on a cold December night


The following exchange ensued…..

‘Are you waiting for a table ?


‘Is the food any good ?’

‘YES !’

Well, I’m easily convinced, so that was it

The G-man shot through the door, booked a table (20 minute wait)

Then shot back outside

The hungry and excited throng of Chinese students were still there

…..trying to keep warm

This was not a cool option…..

…..or rather it was exactly that…..

So it was straight over the road to the Norfolk Arms and a pint of

ale from the…..

Purity Brewing Company

Specifically a pint of……………….UBU

Curious ?

I was

The ale is named after the brewer’s dog and the acronym is short

for………’Utterly Bloody Useless’

Sound familiar ?

Thought so

Then it was back into the breach…..

or at least the almost ‘Chinese Only’ confines of the eaterie

This is Sichuan-style food…..

‘Nose to tail eating’

You can eat the lips, ears, intestines, trotters…..

…..every body part of an animal is served up


‘Crispy fried pig intestines’ ? ? ? ? ?

Errr, no thanks

I don’t think I have ever studied a menu so assiduously…..

…..there was no margin for error !


The noise levels were high


Easy to think an alien had whisked you up and deposited

you in downtown Shanghai


This was authentic with a capital


This was fantastic with a capital


This was quite simply marvellous with a capital



Oh, and it is seriously hot

Swimming in chopped red chillies

‘Daddy cool’, Boney M, 1976…..

…..I was not ! ! ! ! !

My arris has asked for a divorce ! ! ! (google it)

Go there, if you dare

‘Who dares, burns’ (look it up)

On a lighter, seasonal note…..

At this time of year the beggars are out in force trying

to tap into the Christmas spirit…..

…..some beggar’s signs are quite enterprising or funny

1st prize goes to

‘My family were murdered by ninjas..

I need money for kung fu lessons’

2nd prize goes to

‘Why lie..

I need a beer’

Bless them





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