The Rings of Fire edition

groovers offside

Let’s start this edition where the trouble began

Chilli Cool

The G-man spied a large-ish group of orientals standing

outside a restaurant in Bloomsbury on a cold December night


The following exchange ensued…..

‘Are you waiting for a table ?


‘Is the food any good ?’

‘YES !’

Well, I’m easily convinced, so that was it

The G-man shot through the door, booked a table (20 minute wait)

Then shot back outside

The hungry and excited throng of Chinese students were still there

…..trying to keep warm

This was not a cool option…..

…..or rather it was exactly that…..

So it was straight over the road to the Norfolk Arms and a pint of

ale from the…..

Purity Brewing Company

Specifically a pint of……………….UBU

Curious ?

I was

The ale is named after the brewer’s dog and the acronym is short

for………’Utterly Bloody Useless’

Sound familiar ?


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