The Culture Vulture edition

They say that good things come in little packages

Agreed !

The G-man has stepped out and into the Christmas cheer

First up…..

Puccini’s La Boheme at the ENO…..

Well, Puccini could be sung in a shed and it would still

sound great

But this was great as great can be…..

The American opera star with a name like a porn star…..

…..Angel Blue ! ! ! ! !

It’s actually her real name…..

…..and at nearly 6 feet tall her frame is as big as her


Angel who plays Mimi used to be a serial American beauty


So there you have it…..

… alluring mix of beauty, the statuesque, talent and

the exotic

So we are agreed she is big but what about the small packages

Step forward the…..

…..Herne Bay Little Theatre

all 72 seats of her ! ! ! ! !

AmDram heaven !

This year’s panto performance was ‘Treasure Island’

11 performances


And little wonder

The G-man laughed and laughed again

Bless them

English culture still gets it

I loved the dinner-jacketed gentleman that walked down

the aisle at the interval with a tray of ice cream tubs

slung round his neck

And in true British tradition all the proceeds from last

night’s performance went to a local charity

The theatre itself is not on the high street but in a

residential road that presents orienteering challenges to

those without satnav who want to meet the curtain-up


All told it was like stepping back in time to the 1950s

So from the sublimely English to the faintly worrying


More precisely the Hoodeners of Whitstable

This old tradition has been revived and now serves to give

an odd form of joy to imbibers

Essentially they are a sort of singing and acting troupe

of demented morris dancers

Mummers by another name !

For those with wild imaginations this is the stuff of…..

‘The Wicker Man’-infused nightmares

Apparently the Whistable crew normally arrive late and pissed

Who’s driving ? me wonders ! ! !

There is no high brow or low brow culture anymore

Just simply whatever floats your boat culture…..

…..and the Groover has been properly entertained by three

contenders in the past week

Food ? ? ? ? ?

Why, of course, there was plenty of it…..

…..all traditional British fare…..

…..after Treasure Island it was a…..

…..curry at Ghandi’s in Herne Bay

You can’t get any more British than that in 2014 !



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