The Colour edition

Martin Luther King, Jn legitimised the term…..

‘Citizens of colour’ way back in 1963

Since then the term has morphed into…..

…..’a person of colour’ as a preferable term to

describe someone who is non-white


That would obviously mean that I, me, the G.-man

is technically ‘a person of non-colour’ ! ! ! ! !

I don’t like the way this is going…..

Question: Describe your ethnicity, Sir

Answer: An indigenous European of the non-colour variety


I don’t think so

Anyway, I go pink in the sun…..

…..and red at other crucial moments !

There’s actually not much that is white about me

It’s gets even more exciting than that…..

The G.-man has been spotted an odd shade of green

on a boat…..

…..and an even odder shade of grey right before an exam !


Speaking of which a solution to our self-inflicted immigration

problem has occurred to me !

Leave our borders open ! ! ! ! !

Open our arms to our fellow mankind ! ! ! ! !

Let them all in ! ! ! ! ! !


They are only permitted to live in ‘Greytown’…..

…..otherwise known as Gloucester…..

…..Oh, and they can’t use the NHS or the DHSS for the first

5 years

GENIUS, I hear you say

G.-man-ius, I should correct you

Well, why not ? ? ? ? ?

Nobody else in their right minds would want to live there

It’s as dull as ditchwater…..

…..and at least you can do something with ditchwater…..

…..besides filling ditches

However, Gloucester Cathedral is a rather fine specimen of

the first appearance of perpendicular gothic architecture and

…..ditto fan vaulting

…..and it was used in three Harry Potter films…..

… that makes it culturally important

So let’s have a whip round

We’ll move the medieval church to a more fitting location…..

…..stone by stone

Then invite all the freeloaders of the world to move in…..

The terms and conditions of the arrangement can be published online

The referees decision will be final and there will be no appeals

If any of the said freeloaders wants to return from whence they came

The Great British People will transport them to the border



QED ! ! !

So there you have it…..

… elegant solution to a thorny problem…..

…..from which we all emerge smelling of roses

Let’s just call it the CHAFF test (wheat / chaff / sort out)

We don’t need UKIP

We certainly don’t need the TORIES

The world would be a better place without NEW / OLD / NEW LABOUR

And the universe would be improved with the demise of the LIB DEMS

Phew !

That was a pre-election broadcast on behalf of the G-party

Can I count on your vote ?



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