The Keep The Faith edition

groovers offside

This is the name of an album by Bon Jovi, 1992

It’s also the motto of the Northern Soul movement…..

…..and on Saturday night the G-man got soul !

Northern Soul ! ! ! …..

…..At the Attic in the Hackney Picturehouse

This is as groovy as it gets

Not sure ?

Then youtube ‘One step at a time’ by Maxine Brown, 1965

Music rarely gets better than this

You liked that ?

Then try ‘Cashing in’ by The Voices of East Harlem, 1973

These are the obscure American soul recordings that spawned

the music and dance movement in late 1960s England now

referred to as Northern Soul

So we have soulful…..

…..but we also have soulless…..

…..A pal of the G-man’s received a 70th birthday invitation

by email from a little man who goes by the name of John Keet

Said friend decided to attend said birthday celebrations and…

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