The Shake, Rattle and Roll edition

This great Rock and Roll classic was first released by

Big Joe Turner (black boy) in April 1954…..

…..then by Bill Haley & His Comets (white boys) in

June 1954

Big Joe’s is the better version, Bill’s is the more famous

Last night the G-man noticed a worrying addition to the

street furniture of London…..

…..the three-man, shoulder height pissoir

SHAKE ! ! !

The sight of the back of a chap trying to shake out the

last drops of fully processed amber nectar…..

… worrying

The sight of the back of a chap trying to squeeze out the

remaining stubborn drops of the ale that cures what ails you…..

…..will probably cause some folk to report the incident

to the police as an act of public indecency ! ! ! ! !

This is not good !

Why ? ? ?

When McDonalds is everywhere and is actually good for one

thing at least…..

The khazi ! ! !

So use it !

ROLL ! ! !

Just when I thought it was impossible to find a great burger

joint at a sensible price…..

I am pleased to announce I was wrong

Try ‘Burger and Shake’

This place truly rocks !

Small in size, short menu (only two desserts) but absolutely


The pulled pork sandwich is unbelievably good…..

It’s served in a roll, the pork (Boston butt) is smoked for

sixteen hours in the basement before it ends up in front of


It costs £6 !

Which explains why the lunchtime takeout queue stretches for

thirty metres down Marchmont Street

RATTLE ! ! !

As it happened the Polish waiter that served the G-meister was

not a stranger to him

He famously piped up in an art history lecture and asked the

room to desist from asking dumb questions of the professor so

that there was a chance she could finish before we were out of


That rattled a few cages ! ! !

The miscreants were silenced

There were a lot of people thinking

‘Yes ! ! !’

‘Get in there ! ! !’

‘Go on, my son ! ! !’

If only he hadn’t spoilt it all by asking a dumb question himself

a mere five minutes later

But it was good while it lasted

So there you have it…..

Don’t piss in the street

Don’t ask unnecessary questions

Do treat yourself to Burger and Shake



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