The Recipe for Love edition

groovers offside

The title for this post is borrowed from a great single

from ‘Lack of Afro’ featuring Jack Tyson-Charles…..

“a little twist of woo and a pinch of ooh la la”

‘Youtube it’ ! ! ! ! !

Girls, watch the official video with the cool dude !

Boys, watch the version with Levanna Mclean on a

pier in slinky northern soul girl dancing mode ! ! ! ! !


If music be the food of love then the G-man is besotted


Last night the No-2 G-ette and BF treated him to dinner

at La Polenteria in Soho

Italian-owned, Italian-run and better than a Sunday morning

pre-breakfast special

‘bites’…..bite-sized polenta with toppings (try the mixed mushrooms

dressed with truffle oil)

‘mains’…..try the wild boar stewed in red wine, rosemary, thyme

and cinnamon on a slab of polenta

Please rearrange the following words into the correct order…..


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