The Spooky edition

Halloween happened last night…..

Traditionally a night when children dress up in colourful

costumes and paint their faces accordingly…..

Trick or treat ?

However, it would seem that grown-ups want to play too

London was just like a Hammer Horror film set last night

I was sat next to a zombie on the train home !

‘Spooky’, Dusty Springfield, 1970…..

… Dusty’s case ‘love would be very spooky with a

little boy like you’

….in fact, any boy ! ! !

Anyway, back to the ghoul fest…..

I can sort of get grown-ups getting into this kit for a


…..but to stand in a pub and celebrate an ancient and

somber pagan ritual ? ? ?

The Celts believed the transition between the seasons was

a bridge to the world of the dead…..

Hence the ghosts etc



I would feel pretty stupid !

Even more so on the way home when you are totally

out of context

Speaking of which the G-man went to a private book launch

this week at Christie’s of ‘One hundred painters of tomorrow’

This was hip with a capital H

Achingly trendy with a capital A

The young artists had their art on the walls and their acolytes

all around them

It was hot and heaving and generally young

The wine was good and plentiful and it was noisy

…..and there were some odd sights…..

… the 6 foot 8 inch woman in an allover plastic suit…..

…..just like an enormous rubber doll !

Colours were like Andy Pandy

I bet that set a few pulses racing ! ! ! ! !

Then he hove into sight…..

…..looking like someone’s uncle that had taken a wrong turn

thinking he was going into a St James gentleman’s club

I didn’t think you could still buy three-piece suits…..

…..except in charity shops !

This getup was finished off with a tie pin and a waistcoat chain

This was the sartorial equivalent of arriving at the Royal Box at

Ascot in jeans and a T-shirt

But it got worse !

It seems he was known to one of the G-man’s party of revellers

So he not only hove into sight…..

…..but he hove over to us !

After some minor small talk the old windbag then decided to regale

us with a shaggy dog story…..

…..that didn’t contain a shaggy dog ! ! ! ! !

Thriller, Michael Jackson, 1982

Thrilling it was not !

Noticing that our eyes were all starting to droop he beat a tactical


……and was last seen trailing the towering plastic doll around the


Bless him



3 thoughts on “The Spooky edition

  1. Peter H says:

    Hey- I’ve got a very hairy werewolf mask…admittedly just for a private party. Unfortunately a good friend claimed it’s an improvement on my real face…! Friends like these…..!

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