The Caviar edition

groovers offside

“Let them eat cake” is probably the world’s most

famous misquote…..

Marie Antoinette never actually said this but the fervent

belief that she did contributed to her demise by guillotine

during the French Revolution (1793)

In more recent times a rather mundane debate between

a boy and a girl was settled in the following manner…..

He “Well, they say it’s a bit of an acquired taste, a bit like

caviar really. You’ll get used to it after a while”

She “Huh, it doesn’t taste like any caviar I’ve ever eaten !”

That settled that ! ! !

For the G-man’s part, well he couldn’t really comment as

the only eggs he has ever eaten have been served with

bacon around breakfast time !

The girl in question was not humming the tune to Andrea

True Connection’s 1976 hit ‘More, more, more’ as she made

a beeline for the mouthwash…..

…..on the other…

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