The Stop Thief edition

groovers offside

Alternate title: Spot the criminal edition

The G-man and Giulietta and friends were cruising back

from Padua a couple of days ago at 10.30pm at night…..

…..when a waving torch indicated that we had to pull


Being the law abiding sort we duly complied…..

… be greeted by three federales replete with guns

These were the Polizia Locale here in Italy…..

…..a generally low grade commission for under-achievers

The G-man tried a faint smile…..

…..and failed spectacularly !

In Italian he blasted me with ‘you were going over a

HUNDRED ! ! ! ! !’

Giulietta smirked, which didn’t help matters

Then switching to English he used a very well

rehearsed line…..

You pay Euro 450 or we take your car

Giulietta flinched visibly

She didn’t want to be parted from the Groover any more

than the G-man wanted to lose his true love

This was serious…..

Realising that…

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