The Rules of Attraction edition

groovers offside

This was the title of a good book by Bret Easton Ellis first

published in 1987…..

…..and made into a bad film in 2002

Now attraction can mean different things to different folks

Take, for instance, the revellers that congregated at the

G-casa last weekend…..

The men folk never moved far from the barrel of Goody’s

real ale (called ‘Goodness gracious me’, 4.8% abv)

They were attracted like moths to a flame, unwittingly

never letting said barrel out of their sight

The women folk congregated with each other probably hoping that

the amber nectar would be somniferous enough to render the

imbibers capable only of stacking up ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs

A mere 48 hours later and Giulietta and the G-man were whooshing

down the autobahn to Wurzburg where the G-meister encountered

the wrong kind of attention…..

After 500 miles of driving dinner was the order of the day and the

G-man hove over into the brauerei-gasthof ‘Alter…

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