The Branding edition

groovers offside

We all do it…..

No, not that !

I’m thinking of branding…..

…..and more precisely re-branding

What person arriving at the august portals of his university

at the (just over the spots stage) age of 18 or 19 hasn’t

thought that this is my chance to reinvent myself

Many have tried, most fail

The G-man was amused to see that a pastime that dates

back to 1861 has tried to reinvent itself…..

…..Trainspotters no more…..

…..Railway enthusiasts these days !

Apparently there was also a small group that preferred the tag

‘Imitatores ferrum equi’ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is latin for…..

…..’Followers of the iron horse’

I have only one comment to make…..

There is no doubt whatever that whoever came up with

that one would also have tried to reinvent themselves

on day 1 at uni…………….

…..and would have failed spectacularly to boot !

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