The Hitler edition

groovers offside

We don’t have very much to thank old Adolf for…..

But we do have the German autobahns….

13000 kilometres worth of them !

Not the longest network on the planet (China) but the densest

If only ‘Dolfie’ had spent less time on his failed attempt at world

domination and more time on teaching Germans how to drive !

Just because you go fast doesn’t automatically make you a


…..and anyway, Schumacher occasionally bumped into things

Both in and out of a car  ! ! ! ! ! 

The G.-man and his girl (Giulietta) have just whooshed back

through Germany to Blighty

However, our progress was impeded by two major traffic accidents

The Huns have a perfect road etiquette in such situations…..

…..They pull over right and left to leave a clear passageway for

the emergency vehicles to pass through to reach  the victims

Patience is a virtue writ large…

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