The Speed of Light edition

groovers offside

In case you were wondering…..


… have forgotten the stuff any twelve year old schoolboy

could recite instantaneously

…..the answer is

299,792,458 m/s (that the figure under the metric system)

Fast ! …..would do nicely in the G.-book

Anyway, the Groover is still languishing in La Dolce Vita and he

is still in thrall to the mainstays of Italian life, the men and women

The hunters and the prey ! ! ! ! !

There are two areas in which Italian men move fast…..

with the speed of light…..

One is in the pursuit of women

The other is when they get their hands on ANY form of motorised


No road is too narrow to overtake on…..

No corner is too blind to attempt to pass on…..

No motorway is too icy or too wet to push the pedal to the metal

Why ? ? ? ? ?

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