The Pen edition

Edward Wheeler’s famous quote is pretty much known

by everyone………………….

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’

However, Lemony Snicket would disagree in the strongest

possible terms; as she counters…………………..

‘Anyone who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword has

not been stabbed with both’

Snicket 1     Wheeler 0

Anyway a new shop has opened in Paradiso and is causing 

a bit of a stir

Montegrappa has opened a very grand shop in Piazza Garibaldi

They are the oldest pen manufacturer in Italy, founded 1912

And still operating from the same factory 800 metres from 

casa Groover

Well if you want to amuse yourself just stand in front of the

shop window for 10 minutes and listen to the gasps from the

Bassanese window shoppers

You see these are no ordinary pens (the G.-man is a proud


What elicits the gasps is not my relatively modestly priced

solid silver ball point…..

…..Oh no…..

It’s the gold fountain pen called ‘My Guardian Angel’

Nice ?

Very !

And at Euro 56,250 it had better be the best pen in the universe

Now you get the gasps ?

Still there is plenty of choice, especially for those of you without

such deep pockets

You could plump for the more reasonably priced pen called

‘Chaos’ (it’s something to do with Stallone and Rambo)

…..for a mere Euro 45,000

Or if football is your bag (it is a World Cup year)…..

You could go for the ‘Pele Heritage’…..

…..only if you have Euro 45,900 to spare

or if you fall for the ultra-slick advertising…..

‘A pen for Kings. Like me’………..Pele (translated from the Brazilian)

It puts a whole new spin on the old question…..

‘Can I borrow your pen ?’

‘NO ! ! ! ! ! ! You bloody well can’t ! ! ! ! !’

Anyway, there is a wonderful tale that attaches to this company

No doubt, you have heard of ‘forced sellers’

But have you ever heard of ‘forced buyers’

And then the orgasm of the business world…..

The ‘forced buyer who turns into a forced seller’

This happened at Montegrappa pens about 13 years ago…..

A man turned up at the factory and asked to see the owner

Then he announced,’ I am from Richemont and I am here to 

buy your company’

The owner, Mr Aquila, said, ‘But my company is not for sale’

The man from Richemont replied, ‘I know, but I can not leave

without it’

A deal was done, a very rich deal as far as Mr Aquila was concerned

For a short while everything was hunky dory and then………

The world had a financial crisis in 2008

Richemont decided to offload Montegrappa pens…..

…..and Mr Aquila was the only buyer on the planet !

Nobody knows what he sold for and what he paid to buy back

Mr Aquila certainly isn’t saying because he knows the Italian

taxman is listening very hard

Let’s just say he is able to afford one of his own pens (no discount


He and Mrs Aquila drive ‘his and hers’ Bentley convertibles during

the week…..

…..and ‘his and hers’ Ferrari’s at the weekend…..

…..when they are not driving their 300 foot cruiser ! ! ! ! !

There’s winning the lottery and there’s doing an Aquila

I’ll take the later



2 thoughts on “The Pen edition

  1. Anna-Francesca says:

    well I have to take up your kind offer and see this shop for myself and I will take you and the G-moll out to lunch and dinners. love Anna-Francesca

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