The Mu edition

The title of this post is meant to intrigue…..

…..and all will be revealed later

The G.-man is now in full holiday mode and the

most difficult decision he has to make each day

is which pair of shorts to pull on…..

The best solutions always being the simplest…..

…..’Eeny meeny miny moe………’

Anyway, I was impressed to read that the famous

French writer, George Sand, described Bassano as…

…’a piece of heaven fallen on earth’

Her (yes, George was a she) most famous quote is

deserving of a full airing…..

‘There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved’

True to her motto (?) she did a lot of loving but that

doesn’t make her a bad person……

……just loose ! ! ! ! !

Back to Mu

The Italians had a moment of onomatopoeic brilliance

when they named the humble cow…..

…..mucca       (mu…..cca)

Get it !

Now the latest fashion raging in La Dolve Vita is…..

‘Fai da te gelato’

‘Do it yourself icecream’ to you

It’s such a simple idea !

Why had no one thought of it before ? ? ? ? ?

Bassano certainly didn’t need another ice cream parlour

BUT this is a whole new world

Welcome to ‘Mu Mu’

Everything is coloured white and turquoise so it’s very

distinctive and jolly……

…..very Willy Wonker-ish

……including the nearly full size cow in the centre of the


This is the drill…..

Select a receptacle (cone or cup)

Select an ice cream flavour (there are five levers)

Select your garnish (from chopped fresh seasonal fruits etc)

Weigh and pay

Everything is organic, biological, GMO-free, preservative free

and colouring free…..

… basically it’s healthy too !

Who would have thought that the Italians could invent ice cream




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