The Ready To Renounce edition

groovers offside

During the nineteenth century a strong interest

in ‘primitive’ cultures developed largely as a

result of a reaction against industrialisation

…..and its attendant ills

This was why the painter Gauguin made a beeline

for Tahiti where he believed he would find unspoiled

folk enjoying a peaceful, harmonious existence

Well, he was nearly right !

The pacific isle provided him with the inspiration

to produce his greatest works…..

…..but also with countless teenage girls to despoil

Great artist…..

…..flawed human being

You have probably guessed where this is leading ?

Segue to London, 2014

Where we discover that our political class is full of


…..and those that aren’t cover up for those that are !

It’s no good our elder statesman (Tebbit) saying that

when he was in power there was a feeling that it was more

important to preserve the ‘establishment’ than to see the

law being followed !

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