The It’s Not Fair edition

‘Life isn’t fair; it’s just fairer than death and that’s all’

The very great and very wise William Goodman made that up

Ed Miliband has been droning on about fairness for so long

we are just about sick of fair

Anyway, it would have been far fairer if David, as clever as

ever, had got the Labour top job and not Tim, nice but dim, Ed

Last week and this, London hosted its greatest art show…..


The fair in the name is a classic misnomer…..

There is nothing fair about this !

Dealers hike their prices by 25% and hope some ‘stupidly rich’

foreigner will pay the wrong inflated price

Worse still, they have no qualms about bemoaning the clients

that don’t wish to pay the wrong inflated prices in order to

build a decent collection…..

I wonder if Michael Goedhuis (dealer / charlatan) in Asian art

is prepared to pay similar premiums for the goods he needs…..

…..Is it fair, Michael ? ? ? ? ?

No, I didn’t think so ! ! ! ! !

On a lighter moment, the G.-moll was on top form (Again !)

At the entrance she spied the urbane celebrity, Peter York

Remember him ?

He co-wrote ‘The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook’…..

He was always on the telly …..

‘Ah’, she exclaimed loudly, right in front of him, ‘It’s him !’

We all looked quizzically at her…..

‘You know, it’s what-his-face’

We were still none the wiser…..

? ? ? ? ?

Still looking for some light to be shone on the mystery…..

…..She finally blurted out…..

‘You know, Yorky, that Sloaney fella’

We all looked embarrassed and tried to avoid his gaze

The G.-moll didn’t give up easily…..

…..’He’s flattered really’, she added somewhat cautiously

Looking directly at us Yorky added the memorable words from

popular urban culture…..

‘Yes, I’m flattered…..Not’ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Not a good day for the G.-moll…..

…..but it was about to get worse !

After the event we repaired to a nearby Italian cafe…..

La Bottega…..

…..where she looked in her bag and realised her

wallet had been stolen while her bag had been in the

Masterpiece cloakroom

…..but her day was about to get even worse than that !

Back to the art fair and the security people were summoned

…..all to no avail…..

… would seem that Masterpiece accept no responsibility

for the criminal activities of their employees…..


…..Truly enlightened…..

If you think that makes sense then my name is Donald Duck

If you think that is fair then my name is Daisy Duck

Fair ?

Well, fairly rubbish



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