The Camel edition

What is a camel ?

Answers on an e-card please

To the G.-man’s brother it is a variety of cancer sticks

To the Australians it represents a pest

To an Arab it might represent a possibility for a romantic interlude

To a Blair-hater it affords an opportunity to give him a very apt

moniker after a camel’s famous body part

To the lucky diners at Tarragon in Cheltenham it presents itself as

a (surprisingly) tasty dish

What ! ! ! ! !

Yes, strange but true

Yep, last night the Groover got munching on camel…..

Now by the time it arrived at the table on a plate it wasn’t possible

to say whether this was the…..

Bactrian or dromedarian variety…..

…..farmed or feral ?

Mystery abounds…..

Who would have thought that the humble camel would have become

a literary hero (or heroine) ? ? ? ? ?

No, not Laurence of Arabia !

Anyway, that was a straightforward love affair ! ! !

‘The Towers of Trebizond’ by Rose Macaulay, 1956…..

…..English wit and wisdom at its very best

‘The Camel’ by Lord Berners, 1936…..

…..more English wit and wisdom (plus a whiff of sexual chemistry !)

So how did it come to pass that a large even-toed ungulate slipped

down the G.ullet last night ? ? ?

Apparently, and this was news to me, camels were imported into

Australia in the nineteenth century as sand-loving beasts of burden

…..then made redundant as trucks were invented in the twentieth


…..and subsequently released into the outback…..

…..where they copulated like rabbits and spread like wildfire

So !

Now they are regularly culled, shipped around the world and end

up on plates as far-flung as Montpellier, Cheltenham…..

‘Chunky camel tagine’…..not the most imaginatively-named dish

But tasty as hell !

Oh, as for the Blair reference…..

…..just think of the hairy humper’s body part you are least likely

to eat !

There ! You’ve got it !

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, 1953-, War criminal


…..or perhaps not



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