The ‘Have-a-go’ edition

You often hear the expression…..

‘You couldn’t make it up’

Well, this is one of those occasions when you need

to give the old chops a slap and say did that really happen ?

What exactly ?

Brace yourself !

Exam number 2 was safely dispatched and a merry group

assembled in Byron’s for burgers and frivolity

So far, so relaxed

Then it was off to the West End for an appointment with the

G-moll’s fringe trimmer…..

Strange but true ! ! !

Except that the G.-moll had a beef she needn’t to get off her chest

Basically the accusation was the Groover had been consorting with

the enemy (male and old and not really an issue)

A vehement denial was proffered to no avail

The G-moll was having none of it

More vehement denials

No dice

Conciliatory pleas fell on deaf ears

Straightforward requests for taking this up at home

fell on stony ground

Tricky ?

More akin to excruciating

Suddenly a fresh voice enters the fray




‘Oy, get off his case’

Girl to the right of the G-man decides to get involved

‘He can talk to whoever he wants to’

‘I have had to listen to this for twenty minutes’

Go on girl ! ! !

The G.-moll was nearly speechless…..

…..a miracle

But she did attempt some kind of defence of her position

The ‘interventionist’ was undeterred

The female ‘have-a-go’ hero was not going to demur

Go on girl ! ! !

Suddenly a voice behind the Groover chirruped up

‘Take it home, we don’t want to hear it’

Go on, my son ! ! !

This was getting weird

The ‘have-a-go’ ladette batted on

‘Just get off his case’

Then a new player entered the scene…..

…..the bloke in front started backing the ‘have-a-go’ bird

The G-man had a bloody army forming to take his side

The G-moll looked at the G-man as if to say…………………

‘Do something’

Nothing doing, Babe

You got yourself into this mess, now you get yourself out

of it

Then, if one didn’t think it could get any better it did……

The female avenger to the G-man’s right got to her feet and…..

…..started to leave to get off the bus…..

…..but before departed she had one parting shot for the G-moll…..

‘You are an attractive older man, you could get something better

than that’

Yes !

Resisting the temptation to punch the air…..

…..and the urge to get her mobile number

The G-man closed his eyes and dreamed of the last time he got

funky with…..

…..No, this is not good for the old B.P.


Groover 1 Exams 0

Groover 1 G-moll -7

Time for liquid refreshment…..

…..Off to the Rambler’s Rest and…..

…..with a very chastened G-moll in tow

…..a little ‘Black Bull’ bitter by Theakstons…..

… owned and still making great beer since 1827

Three actually but I had a lot to smile about



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