The ‘Have-a-go’ edition

groovers offside

You often hear the expression…..

‘You couldn’t make it up’

Well, this is one of those occasions when you need

to give the old chops a slap and say did that really happen ?

What exactly ?

Brace yourself !

Exam number 2 was safely dispatched and a merry group

assembled in Byron’s for burgers and frivolity

So far, so relaxed

Then it was off to the West End for an appointment with the

G-moll’s fringe trimmer…..

Strange but true ! ! !

Except that the G.-moll had a beef she needn’t to get off her chest

Basically the accusation was the Groover had been consorting with

the enemy (male and old and not really an issue)

A vehement denial was proffered to no avail

The G-moll was having none of it

More vehement denials

No dice

Conciliatory pleas fell on deaf ears

Straightforward requests for taking this up at…

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2 thoughts on “The ‘Have-a-go’ edition

  1. Nigel Rathbone says:

    What is it with a woman that makes them so perfect, and always right.The only time a man is right is when he admits to being wrong, and even then he will be in the wrong for admitting he is in the wrong.
    Have a nice holiday.

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