The Truth is Truly Stranger Than Fiction edition

groovers offside

These posts are about fun, food and booze…..

…..and on this occasion, beer

So here goes…..

The venue ? ? ? ? ?

The protagonists ? ? ? ? ?

The Butchers Arms in Herne, Kent

…..and the habitues of ‘The Butchers’

The crowd and…..

…..more particularly…..

Harry and Indy

Harry has a dog called Indy or Indie (it answers to both)

He is also a customer of Britain’s first micro-pub…..

…..The Butchers Arms…..

Known to all as ‘Harry the dog’ because the two are never

seen apart

The big question is…..

Who is really in charge with these two ? ? ? ? ?

….. Is it Indy ? ? ? ? ?

….. or is it Harry ? ? ? ?

The $64000 question ? ? ? ? ?

When Harry goes to leave and Indy is not ready…..

Indy digs in…..

…..the pub holds its breath…..

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