The School for Bores edition

groovers offside

One test out of the way…..

…..and one to go

Back to business this morning with the constitutional

pant along the coast towards Reculver Towers

As the G.-man cruised past the National Coastwatch ‘lookout’

…..he spied an old duffer spying on an empty sea…..

What a monumental waste of time that game must be…..

…..there are no Somali pirates in English territorial waters

…..nor will he spot the crew of the ‘Cheeki Rafiki’ bobbing about

…..and this is Hernie…..

…..even the beach-candy is in the Greek Islands or some such

Anyway, fear and trepidation was the in the air ahead of Test 1

Our fiendish lecturer had threatened to be there when we

turned the papers over ‘just to see the looks of horror’ ! ! !

When he duly walked in while we waiting for the gun…..

… could have sensed the sphincters flinch ! ! ! ! !

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