The Rolling Stone edition

The well known proverb runs…..

‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’ and pretty well

incontrovertibly means…..

If you keep moving you don’t pick up commitments…..


…..alternatively, that an active, exciting life will never

grow stale (the Groover’s preferred definition)

Muddy Waters appropriated the general idea in 1950 for

his song of the same name…..’Rollin’ Stone’…..

…..then proceeded to ‘live the song’ ! ! ! ! !

I suppose if the ducks are quacking then you should feed

them  !

Bless him ! ! ! ! !

In 1962 a group of Englishmen appropriated the title of this

song in order to name their band…..

…..and The Rolling Stones were born

This week a 104 year old man set a new world’s record for

the 100 yard dash for the centenarian class

Oops, sorry the 100 metre sprint

In a new world record of 32.79 seconds ! ! ! ! !

Stan the man is a Polish legend and attributes his good

health and long life to not overeating

If only it was that simple…..

…..but perhaps it is…..

He claims that he could have clipped a few more tenths

of a second off the record if he had had a better start !

Personally the G.-man was impressed by the way he dipped

for the tape as he crossed the line

Stan looks like he is in his 60s or 70s…..

… is truly remarkable…..

… they say you are only as old as the woman you feel…..


That’s it !

Mystery solved !

Stan has a steady stream of girlfriends 30 to 40 years younger

than him…..

…..reason being he moves faster than them so they can’t get


I hear the only problem is that while Usain Bolt is unlikely to

lose a night’s sleep over a potential threat to his crown by bad-

boy Stan…..

…..his girlfriends do suffer the inconvenience of losing a night’s


…..because at 104 years young there is no such thing as a

‘quickie’ anymore !

Stanislaw Kowalski, we salute you ! ! ! ! !

While you’re still socking it to them…..

…..the rest of us would be happy to be breathing

Moral of the story then…..

…’s not what you eat…..

…’s how much you eat

Try telling that to an American ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



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