The Dog edition

Alternate title: The G-man goes grande in Italia

To coin a phrase…..

…..a funny thing happened on the way…..

… Vicenza on the train in this instance

There he was, the G.-man leaning back soaking up

the sunshine and dreaming of all things Italian…..

…..When !

Woof !

Then a WOOF ! ! !

Holy macaroni ! ! ! ! !

The four-legged furry friend on his owners lap across

the aisle was looking straight at me…..

…..Ears cocked

On the other side of me the G-moll giggled…..

…..the furry friend’s best friends smiled approvingly

Feeling very pleased with herself, the G-moll casually


‘I do a very authentic dog bark’

What had just happened ?

Was the G-moll harbouring dark, canine secrets ?

Or was it just an unusual case of aspergers ?

Fortunately our fellow travellers were getting off and

the G-moll reverted to English

It was a very surreal moment but it actually got a little


…..Noticing my savoir faire was slightly shaken she

followed up with…..

‘I can do cats, too’

She never told me this at the interview ! ! !

Bless her

Anyway, Vicenza was beautiful and a few days spent in

the restorative embrace of the world’s only truly Palladian

city was a wonder

Back in Kent now…..

…..and back to dogs

Nigel Farage happens to come from the same hamlet that

the G.-man lives in…..

Having built a career nipping at the heels of the big boys ‘Nige’

suddenly finds himself being hounded by Fleet Street…..

…..but if you surround yourself with nitwits…..

… are leaving the goal wide open

If did, however, provide one of the most comical moments in

recent political history…..

…..namely good old Nige trying (and failing) to justify employing

his German wife as his (very well paid) assistant

Bless him

He still gets my vote



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