The Dog edition

groovers offside

Alternate title: The G-man goes grande in Italia

To coin a phrase…..

…..a funny thing happened on the way…..

… Vicenza on the train in this instance

There he was, the G.-man leaning back soaking up

the sunshine and dreaming of all things Italian…..

…..When !

Woof !

Then a WOOF ! ! !

Holy macaroni ! ! ! ! !

The four-legged furry friend on his owners lap across

the aisle was looking straight at me…..

…..Ears cocked

On the other side of me the G-moll giggled…..

…..the furry friend’s best friends smiled approvingly

Feeling very pleased with herself, the G-moll casually


‘I do a very authentic dog bark’

What had just happened ?

Was the G-moll harbouring dark, canine secrets ?

Or was it just an unusual case of aspergers ?

Fortunately our fellow travellers were getting off and

the G-moll reverted to English

It was a…

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