The Fine edition (version 2)

groovers offside

Fine is not a ten dollar word…..

… is simply a short word that is easy to spell…..


…..carries more than one meaning

Hemingway (Ernesto to his friends) liked to use it a lot

precisely because he eschewed the use of the higher

denomination variety

The Scots can’t spell it or just want to do everything

differently from their southern neighbours and so they

settle for the (Gaelic) variant ‘fyne’

The urban ‘yoof’ of today also use ‘fyne’ to describe a

member of the female of the species that is so ‘hot’ she

has caused the ‘i’ to morph into a ‘y’

Well all this is well and fine…..

…..but the G-man is troubled by the explosion in the use of

fines as another form of tax…..

…..the definition of tax is ‘revenue harvesting’ so…..

…..if you (read government official) can identify those areas

where folk traditionally operate in arrears

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