The Lucky Plucky Gutsy edition

groovers offside

The Groover had the (dis)pleasure of dining at the

Dog and Duck today…..

… the, and you really couldn’t make this up…..

…..Kentish hamlet of Plucks Gutter

Acting on a “hot” tip the G.-meister put Giulietta into

‘short tour’ mode and set sail (well in the Middle Ages

Plucks Gutter was a port, now it’s 6 miles inland)

So much for coastal erosion !

It strikes me that you gain some here and you lose some


…..swings and roundabouts ! ! !

As we crested the bridge and the pub hove into sight I sensed

this was going to turn out badly

The rub-a-dub-tub was right next to a caravan sight…..


…..the expression ‘the race to the bottom’ springs to


…..this olde English pub had simply adjusted to its market

Average age of habitue: 75

Normal mode of transport: assisted (there is a mobility scooter

parking station…

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